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  • Improves taste & eliminates unpleasant odour & colour

  • Destroys all bacteria & virus

  • Enables compliance with IS 14543 & IS 13428/03 for packaged drinking water

  • Removes microbial contamination like yeast and moulds in packaged drinking water.

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  • Removes colour and unpleasant odour from treated sewage water by destroying microorganisms

  • Disinfects treated water and makes it fit for reuse in gardening, car wash, toilet flushing, floor cleaning, etc.

  • Decreases BOD (biological oxygen demand) & COD (chemical oxygen demand) enabling safe discharge in public sewage

  • Causes destruction of filamentous bacterial growth and avoids bulking of sludge and foam formation.

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  • Decolourizes and deodorizes thereby reducing turbidity

  • Disinfectant & powerful oxidizer

  • Reduces chlorine usage to a large extent, preventing skin & eye irritations

  • Leaves no harmful residue

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  • Improves bleaching properties

  • Reduces cost of power due to decreased requirement of hot water & wash cycle time

  • Disinfects fabrics during wash cycle by killing the pathogens, virus & bacteria

  • Improves life of linen fabrics