Emerging Technologies Division

The Southern Electronics Emerging Technologies Division (SEED) provides cutting edge sensing solutions based on Fiber Optic sensing methodologies for various domains such as Defence, Industrial, Bio-Medical, Avionics, Mining, Energy etc. Though Fieber Optic sensing technologies are proven in many western countries, they are yet to mature in India. Southern Electronics is one of the very few to offer these technologies in India.

SEED has taken a lead in this area by focusing on in-house development of core technologies like FBG Sensor and Interrogator development, FBG sensors for various applications, etc. It has commercial engagements with market leaders in this area and its technical activities are spearheaded by its Technical Director having more than twenty years experience and actively interacting with other consultants.

SEED also has technical collaboration with Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, for emerging technologies including grating less fiber sensors, etched and bare FBG sensors for bio medical applications, FBG accelerometers, etc.

About the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Technology

An FBG is a periodic refractive index modulation created in the core of a photo sensitive optical fiber by exposing it to an intensity modulated intense UV laser light; the FBG reflects light at a wavelength that varies with the strain, temperature, etc., imparted on the fiber.

Advantages of FBG based sensing systems:

  1. Inherent Safety: They can be used in environments where the electric and electronic sensors cannot be used. For example, you can run the sensor along an inflammable gas/liquid carrying pipeline, where the traditional sensors may possess a threat of causing explosion with even the tiniest of spark
  2. Small size: The sensor measures few microns and be embedded on to a substrate
  3. Longer lifetime: Tests have proven that sensors can last millions of fatigue cycles
  4. EMI/EMC immunity: They are immune to magentic and radio intereferences. And hence can be used in high power, high voltage transformers, where traditional sensors fail
  5. Multiplexing and multi-parameter sensing capabilities: On one optical fiber, hundreds of sensors can be bonded. And each sensor can sense gases and many parameters such as strain, temperature, displacement

Typical FBG based sensing system

Ongoing/Delivered projects

Within a short span since the technology introduction in March 2014, SEED has gained significant confidence of customers.

We have offered solutions for Structural Health Monitoring of windmill blades to one of our customers.

We have done design validation for one of our customers manufacturing transformers.

  • We have proposed to provide a complete Fiber Optic System for ADRDE, Agra
  • Currently, we are working on design validation and health monitoring of heavy earth moving machinery.