Electrical Cable Harness


The Cable loom / Harness manufacturing Centre is a modern & fully equipped facility capable of offering customized end to end solution namely design, build and installation to suit User specific drawings / requirements. Full complement of test equipment is available to meet varied application & requirements.

Product Range:

Discrete end to end Cables & Looms.

Multi-wire Harness.

RF assemblies & harnesses.

Power cables.

Military Airborne Loom assemblies.

Box builds & Lanyards.

Looms are fabricated as per specification/ drawings, Astro files and    technologies provided by the customers.

Our Looms are approved for use in MIG-27, SU-30 Aircraft, Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missiles and Armored Vehicles.

Quality Certification & Inspection Testing

Our production processes are certified for quality to ISO 9001, AS9100C. Quality of the cable looms / harness are certified and approved by DGAQA and MSQAA for platform specific applications.

Every Cable Harness is tested for dimension, weight, Continuity, Megger/ High Pot, Pull test for verifying production process.  Harnesses are also checked for compliance to environmental requirements.

Cable Harness for Aircraft

Part Number : VGK1,2 (Task – 172)
RGK (Task – 189)
EGK-1 (Task – 204)
VK1, EK1-1 (Task – 007)
SAP-518(Task – 047)
RF Cable(Task – 047) Aircraft : SU-30 Aircraft and MIG 27 AircraftQC Surveillance Authority : DGAQACustomer : HAL




Cable Harness for Missiles and Armored Vehicles

Part Number:Platform : Brohmos missiles and Armored Vehicles Certification Authority : MSQAACustomer : ECIL