Metrology Services - CMM

Measuring technology from the Southern Electronics

Reliable, high-quality measuring technology consists primarily of the coordinate measuring machine, in a temperature and relative humidity controlled environment ensuring highly precise repeatability and accurate results with well-engineered software, customer service and support. Our contract metrology services are available for non-manufactured products as well. Using the latest RDMIS analysis software. We are able to provide statistical reports, repeatability and reproducibility studies and a full range of metrology services. We are your one-stop provider of metrology solutions.

Testing & Certification Services

This exclusive service provides an economical way to measure and certify your samples as per ASME and ISO 1101 standards.

Our facility is one of the most competent and modern in the industry. A few of the features provided are :

Model base inspection

2D/3D profile measurement

Geometrical dimensioning and tolerance

Our engineers and technicians stay abreast of the latest developments in precision measurement and testing, often pioneering advanced testing techniques themselves.

Specifications :

Range : 2000x3000x1500mm

Uncertainty : ±5 +L/200µm

Our customers :