Acoustic Products

Electro Acoustic Products – Sound Powered Telephone

Southern Electronics (B) in collaboration with FACT’EM, France, offer a wide range of Electro Acoustic Components and secure communication systems such as:

Transducers (Microphones, Speakers, Headsets, etc.)

Communication Equipment

Radio Handsets, Speakers

Sound Powered Telephones

Intercom sets

Protection & Communicating Helmets


FACTUM : Electro-acoustic Components and Accessories

FACTUM designs, develops and manufactures transducers (microphones, speakers, etc.) and a range of accessories (connectors, booms, etc.)


Sound Powered Telephone set

Two way communicating equipment which operates on Voice Energy

No external Power supply or Battery needed for energizing set

Low generated energy levels ensure security from external detection

Freedom from disruptive tripping in weapons systems environment

FACTUM: Electro-acoustic equipment

Based on components developed in its laboratories, FACTUM designs and manufacures electro-acoustic equipment.


Sound Powered Telephones-eqipment


Fields of Application

Suitable for use at harsh environments such as Civil / Military Ships, Submarines, Aircraft, Mines, Tunnels, Refineries, Power plants, Industrial workshops, etc.


Interconnection Architecture

Intercommunication Architecture can be achieved in broad categories:

Star Connection: One Multichannel Communication set & several Monochannel sets connected as shown in fig.